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Our world is driven forward by innovation, compassion and purpose.

As a creative, consultative and orchestration branded entertainment company, Buttercup conceptualizes, designs and defines strategy to develop and execute integrated sponsorship alliances and campaigns that have heart and soul. We are committed to launching entertainment experiences that appeal to a socially and culturally conscious consumer. Every Buttercup production and initiative has an impact, a footprint - a result that leaves us better, kinder and more aware.

Buttercup specializes in ideation and activation. We are inventive when designing layered in-person branded immersions that are unforgettable because we focus on inspiring brand loyalty and passion. From concept to conclusion, we execute every step along the way.

Our 360° multi-media, live experience and omnichannel campaigns entertain, educate, delight and inspire – because we know how to harness connection, community and emerging entertainment technology to craft digital platforms that deliver elevated audience experiences. We revolutionize live and digital consumer engagement – resulting in measurable ROI, whether for profit or fundraising.


Buttercup is proud to call the world’s most renowned brands, properties, franchises, celebrity advocates and non-profits our friends, our collaborators, and our clients. Our success lies in our unwavering commitment to creating authentic alignments providing brands with awareness, engagement, loyalty, sales, and VIP experience solutions.  Our passion for excellence and our deep desire to help others one campaign at a time.

A Buttercup client shares a common vision with us, and together we are dedicated to changing the globe for good.

Every vibrant field starts with an idea. It is plotted and seeded, nurtured and grown. In the end, it is a field of endless blooms.


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Jennifer Vernon

An entertainment industry-recognized visionary in global business development, brand partnerships and social good alliances, Jennifer Vernon founded Buttercup with a single goal: leave a positive impact.


After nearly three decades forging corporate and strategic entertainment partnerships, Vernon’s expertise now leads a Buttercup executive team that develops integrated campaigns – utilizing the latest in entertainment technology, brand strategies and immersive consumer solutions that directly affect positive global change. As someone who experienced both the foster care system and socio-economic disadvantages in her youth, Vernon was determined to rise above her challenges. Her determination to put herself through college was followed by a fast-rising career in live entertainment and sponsorships, where she became the youngest female executive director in her field of sponsorship across live music. She channeled her unstoppable drive, quickly hurdling to executive positions with titans such as MCA Concerts, Universal Concerts, Clear Channel Entertainment, House of Blues, and Live Nation – Ticketmaster. It has been her passion for entrepreneurship and innovation that has driven her success in achieving hundreds of superior client relationships and a global portfolio of closed deals with thousands of brand activatiosn totaling over $400M in sponsorships. 


In 2019, seeking new frontiers in branded consumer experiences, Vernon pioneered a multi-media, entertainment content and commerce management platform that reinvents branded consumer experiences. She consistently amplifies brand objectives and revenue with creativity, and experience, Vernon has a solution based and data-driven strategic mindset – while championing consumer loyalty through social good initiatives and VIP experiences that leave measurable positive impact.


Vernon is grounded and grateful for a life that is filled with duality. A proud mom to sons Brady and Parker, Vernon has a deep sense of empathy for the underserved based upon her own  life experiences. She is a staunch advocate for children and has served on the board of trustees for Olive Crest – an organization that fights to stop the cycle of child abuse, ensuring that every child who comes into their care is nurtured in a strong and loving family. As an ally of the Wayfarer Foundation, she supports Carnival of Love, a giving and kindness platform that addresses those without homes. A resident of Los Angeles, CA, Vernon is a Stage 3 breast cancer survivor and thriver who deeply believes that a combination of perseverance, heart and soul and her faith drives true positivity and success, and that all individuals and businesses have a responsibility to serve their community and use whatever privilege we are afforded to better the lives of others whenever possible.

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Sam Baldoni

An experienced entertainment industry professional and award-winning Executive Producer, Baldoni focuses on projects with social impact. He has Executive Produced groundbreaking and critically acclaimed projects such as the Clio and Webby award-winning documentary series, MY LAST DAYS, currently in season five on the CW Network with over 70 million views online. He is also an Executive Producer of the Adweek Arc Award and Telly award-winning dinner conversation series, MAN ENOUGH, which dives into examining traditional masculinity while exploring topics including body image, relationships, and fatherhood.


Widely recognized as one of the founding fathers of the multi-billion-dollar product placement business in the film and television industry, he launched Baldoni Entertainment while lending his advertising and product marketing expertise on Steven Spielberg’s Gremlins. The company quickly became the leading product placement company in the entertainment industry - working with feature films from every major production studio and launching with Aaron Spelling, the pioneering digital platform for consumer film engagement that enabled consumers to virtually tour their favorite films and purchase featured brands.

Baldoni passionately serves on the Board of Directors of The Wayfarer Foundation, a non-profit organization that puts on one of Los Angeles’ largest volunteer events - The Carnival of Love - which provides connection, services and resources to people who are experiencing homelessness in LA’s Skid Row community, and will soon expand nationally. A skilled builder of strategic entertainment partnerships, Baldoni uses his expertise in social media and influencer marketing, product placement, branded entertainment and integrations to craft multi-layered alignments that address all consumer segments. As an award-winning producer of documentaries, commercial and films, Baldoni is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


Baldoni currently serves as a strategic advisor to the Buttercup Company, lending his unique ability to unite brands, individuals, studios and organizations into dynamic partnerships.

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