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Buttercup Company works with Brands, Properties, Venues, Entertainment Franchises, Media, Celebrities & Influencers, Producers, Non-Profits, Foundations, across Music, Sports, Film, Lifestyle and Culture to:


We create and source customized sponsorship, marketing and sales solutions that layer live events, media, communications, celebrity + influencer relations, digital and commerce


We change and enhance the ways that businesses and non-profits generate revenue with innovative strategy, creative live event sponsorship packaging, business development services and activation.


We curate immersive physical activations that become unforgettable live, luxury environments.


We collaborate on building live event and content  alignments, creative partnerships, new platforms and distribution opportunities that captivate consumers. 


We consult and coach companies, rethinking, revitalizing and reenergizing strategies and executions that result in exponential growth.


We connect with consumers, building experiences that also provide support for cause-driven campaigns that matter. We change lives through entertainment.


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 Partnerships, Matchmaking & Dealmaking

Using our unique expertise in consumer strategy, we integrate the world’s leading brands, celebrities, media and non-profits in collaborative partnerships, endorsements, influencer campaigns, social good initiatives, content development alliances, sales deployments and revenue-generating or fundraising deals. We offer business development experts and specialists who can strategize and represent properties – from naming rights and content deals to crafting branded entertainment alignments that increase revenue and consumer awareness.

Image by Christoffer Engström


Digital Experiences & Technology Orchestration

From concept to planning and production, we create innovative digital branded experiences that result in impactful activations - igniting consumer passion and loyalty. By uniting brands with pioneering entertainment technologies, we deliver immersive branded worlds, influential voices and custom, consumer experience solutions.


VIP Experiences & Events

We produce extraordinary VIP global events, exclusive digital experiences and luxurious in-person destinations attended by world leaders, Hollywood celebrities, award-winning music artists, leading influencers and more. From innovative ticketing solutions to sponsorship alignments, communications strategies and consumer gifting – we are committed to exceeding expected ROI.

Image by Clyde RS


Impactful Communications

Our expansive communications expertise begins with meeting consumers where they interact with brands. We craft and execute detailed communications plans that include customized marketing campaigns, public relations, traditional, digital and social media strategies and experiential opportunities. From the press conference to the digital platform, we create a deeper bond with your consumer.



Social Good & Fundraising

We have launched impactful campaigns for the world’s most recognizable and respected social good organizations, raising millions of dollars for dozens of causes. Our initiatives have directly resulted in over five million acts of kindness, via programs with over a dozen major international non-profits. Our clients view their consumers as global citizens, and we believe in creating a positive footprint they can be proud of.

Image by Gustavo Zambelli


Social Entrepreneurship

We create and execute physical and digital branded entertainment properties that result in both impact and profit. We capture the power of industry, developing joint ventures and public/private partnerships that address social issues while driving success and measurable ROI. We are problem-solvers that launch new solutions, initiatives and endeavors that establish new horizons.

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